What is the Pyrapod?

The Pyrapod is designed to be a habitable structure which can be built and lived in with minimal environmental impact. It uses renewable materials sourced as locally as possible, and can be built with simple hand-tools.  In short, the Pyrapod is a low-impact structure for a low-impact way of living, bringing us closer to a more harmonious and respectful relationship with Mother Earth.


What can a Pyrapod be used for?

  • An off-grid retreat
  • Glamping accommodation
  • A creative studio
  • Events space – e.g. presentations, or yoga, meditation etc
  • A festival stall


What are the advantages of the Pyrapod?

  • Built of renewable materials
  • Easy to build
  • Fast to build
  • No foundations required
  • Well insulated – cheap to heat
  • Very strong and sturdy (triangle-based structure)
  • Adaptable – windows and door locations can be chosen by you
  • Extendable – any side can be extended into another pyrapod, or other structure
  • Inspiring shape – following the cosmic proportions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt